Linda Kay's Real Estate Experience: September 2011

Money for nothing, and your checks . . .

Mike Cooper is brilliant!  Here he writes a blog all about becoming a Realtor.  Everyone thinks it's "easy peasy" as one person commented.  And they're goning to make a million dollars their first year!  (Of course I was going to do that! LOL)  

Here's a small list of things to consider not just before you become a Realtor, but also when you're thinking that your Realtor is making all that commission... remember all of the fees Mike points out.  Being a Realtor really is a PASSION.

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"I'm thinking about gettin' a Realtor's license.  I'm tired of this 9-5 schedule.  I'd be nice to sleep in, take vacations whenever I want, drive a nice car, live in a big house, you know, all that stuff that Realtors do."

Please do not adjust your computer screen.  There is nothing wrong with your monitor.  On the other hand, there is something wrong with this picture.  How many times have you heard similar comments?  I've had so many people say things like this to me I think it's time to help them get started in the Realtor field.  If you want to be a Realtor because it's easy, think about the following:

  • You will need a high school diploma - no big deal.
  • You will need to sit through the salesperon classes - again, no big deal.
  • You will have to pass the class test, and then pass the state test - not really a big deal - though not really that easy.
  • You will be fingerprinted and have a background check run - remember that felony warrant?  No big deal if you don't have a felony warrant.  Oh yeah, that's not included in your testing fee.  Did I forget to mention there is a testing fee?
  • You will need to pay state real estate board fees, pay to join a local real estate board, buy E&O insurance,pay for lockbox access, pay for access to the MLS and have a business license. Oh yeah, you have to pay for that too. 
  • You will need a dependable vehicle.  And no, the Harley doesn't count.
  • You will need to hang your license with a local broker.  There may be fees involved for desk space and equipment use.
  • You will need business cards to help all your friends, family and associates know you're in the business.  They're not that expensive.
  • You will need yard signs, or as Michelle Francis calls them, "Yard Art."  There is a fee for those too.
  • You will need lockboxes.  Oh, they forgot to tell you when you signed up that the monthly fee doesn't include lockboxes.  Bummer.  Yeah, you'll want lockboxes. 
  • You will want to have a web-presence.  That may mean a website, blog page, IDX page, or a combination of all the above. There is a fee. 
  • You will want to have a smartphone to access data while on the run.  You'll want the data package with that so you can access the Internet while showing property.  Another fee.
  • You will want an IPad or some form of tablet if your smartphone really isn't that smart.  They're kind of expensive, but you're a Realtor now.  Money is no object.  Oh yeah, most don't have instant web access.  You need to find a Wi-Fi location. But, you can have on demand web access for a fee.  After all, people want to see the options right now! 

OK, now that you have the basics ready for the first day at the office, let's talk about continuing ed, and classes that actually tell you how to be a Realtor, classes that teach you how to become a better Realtor and classes that teach you how to become an unstoppable Realtor. 

Of course, you'll need to attend seminars, conferences and webinars that teach you how to use all of that equipment you invested in when you decided to give up your nasty 9-5 job to live the life of luxury in the world of real estate sales.  

Oh, I almost forgot.  It will costs you about $2000-$3500 to get started.  That might be bit low, but hey, I'm an optimist.  No big deal though, because Realtors make lots of money, and as soon as you get your license people will come out of the woodwork to find you.  You're in for the easiest job on earth!  Good luck!!




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